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6 cut 8 cut 12 cut 16 cut
med lg xlg 1/2sheet
$5.99 $8.99 $12.99 $14.99
Toppings (each)
$1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $2.00
$10.99 $14.99 $18.99 $21.99


Pepperoni, sausage, ham mushrooms, meatball, bacon, red onion, diced tomato, pineapple, black olives, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, chicken, banana pepper, broccoli, spinach, anchovies, feta, green olives

WHITE PIZZA-Old world garlic with provolone, mozzarella  (parmesan upon request)

CRUSTS-We make a traditional pan pizza, however, we can make it a thinner crust or crispy crust upon request


Deluxe-Pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushroom, red onion and green pepper

Meat Lovers-Pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon & ham

Vegetarian-Mushroom, red onion, green pepper, diced tomatoes and black olives

Chicken Alfredo-Alfredo  w/chicken, prov/mozz cheeses

 Texas Steak-Steak sauce topped with steak, mushrooms, onions green peppers, provolone and mozzarella cheese

Hot Asian Steak or Chicken Hot Asian sauce w/steak or chicken, pineapple, green peppers and onions

Honey BBQ Chicken-Honey bbq sauce w/ grilled or fried chicken, pineapple, green peppers, onions, prov/mozz cheese

Garden-Spinach, Bacon, tomato, onions,  & cheese

Hawaiian-Ham, bacon, pineapple & a dash of cinnamon

Greek-White pizza w/ Kalamata olives, onions, tomatoes, feta, mozzarella and provolone cheeses

Reuben Pizza-1000 Island dressing, corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, prov/mozz cheeses

Chicken Fajita Pizza-Southwest ranch sauce, grilled chicken, green peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese

Paisano Italiano-pepperoni, spicy pepperoni, Italian sausage,            red pepper strips, onions and mozz/provolone cheeses

Barbecue Chicken-barbecue sauce with provolone mozzarella and cheddar cheese, grilled chicken and bacon

Buffalo chicken-Hot sauce with provolone & mozzarella cheese, chicken dipped in hot sauce

Chicken Bacon Ranch-Ranch sauce with provolone, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, grilled chicken and bacon

Five Cheese Pizza-provolone, mozzarella, cheddar, romano and parmesan cheese

Spinach Alfredo-Alfredo sauce, provolone and mozzarella cheese, sauted spinach and mushroom

Mexican Pizza-cheddar cheese sauce, tortilla chips, seasoned ground beef, cheddar provolone and mozzarella cheese, jalapeno peppers, salsa and drizzled sour cream

Bruschetta Pizza-Garlic sauce, provolone, mozzarella cheese, diced tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinegar

Foccacia Bread-Olive Oil, provolone and mozzarella cheese, and your choice of up to 4 toppings

Baked Potato Pizza-Cheddar cheese sauce, baked potato, cheddar, mozzarella and provolone cheese,  bacon  with sour cream on the side

Gyro Pizza- tzatziki sauce topped with mozzarella, provolone and feta cheese, strips of gyro meat, then topped with red onion, tomato and tzatziki

Philly Cheese Pizza-choose Chicken or Steak w/
cheddar cheese sauce, mozzarella & provolone cheese, and green peppers & onions

Shrimp & Crab Alfredo-Alfredo Sauce topped with shrimp, crab, provolone and mozzarella cheeses

Broccoli and Cheddar-cheddar cheese sauce topped with broccoli, provolone, mozzarella & cheddar cheeses

Eggplant Parmesiana Pizza-

Pizza sauce topped with sliced eggplant prov/ mozz & topped w/  parmesan

 Veal or chicken Parmesiana Pizza--Pizza sauce topped with breaded veal or breaded chicken breast,  cheese and parmesan


Cheese plus your choice of 1topping
add top...$.50       spec..$9.99
Large..........$8.99     add top..$1.25        spec..$12.99
Monster.....$12.99      add top.$1.50       spec.$16.99
The Beast.....$14.99   add top.$2.00       spec.$18.99
pizza dough w/garlic butter & parmesan..$4.99
With cheese..$5.99  


Traditional wings served in your choice of sauce
6 wings*.$5.99
10 wings*$7.99
20 wings*$14.99
25 wings*$17.99
50 wings*.$38.99
100 wings..$73.99

Flavored sauces
Five Alarm    Hot Garlic Parmesan
Hot Asian    Hot Buffalo Southwestern Ranch
Cajun Spice Rub   5 Pepper Spice Rub

Mild Buffalo  Honey bbq   Barbeque
Honey mustard  Garlic  Parmesan


Potato skins w/cheese, bacon and sour cream...$6.99 
Potato skins w/chili, cheese and sour cream...$6.99     

Potato skins w/cheese, pulled pork and bbq sauce..$7.99

Basket of Fries.....$4.99
Basket Garlic/parm fries…$5.49
Basket of Cajun Fries..$5.49
Basket Fries w/cheese.$5.99
Basket of fries w/ cheese, bacon...$6.99  
Basket of fries w/ chili, cheese...$6.99
Zucchini sticks w/ranch*$4.99
Mozzarella sticks w/marinara*$5.99
Breaded mushrooms w/ranch.$4.99
Jalapeno poppers....$5.99

Appetizer Platter-mozzarella sticks, zucchini sticks, wings and potato skins

with sour cream and marinara...$9.99


Chili.......cup...$2.99  bowl...$3.99

Soup of the Day....cup...$2.99...bowl..$3.99

French fries*$2.49        

Onion rings*$3.99 


Tossed Salad- Crisp iceberg garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers and pizza cheese*$4.99

with Grilled Chicken Breast......$5.99

Side Salad (same as above)...$2.49

Caesar Salad-romaine lettuce garnished with parmesan cheese and tomatoes*$5.99
W/grilled chicken *$6.99

Greek Salad-romaine lettuce garnished with onions, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and feta*$6.99
Add grilled chicken*$7.99

Cobb Salad- tossed salad topped with rows of bacon, grilled chicken breast, egg, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheddar cheese*$6.99

Antipasto Salad-tossed salad with strips of hard salami, pepperoni, provolone and mozzarella, peperoncini, olives, banana peppers and onions*$6.99

 Mandarin Salad-tossed salad w/fried chicken breast, pecans, pizza cheese, dried cranberries, mandarin orange slices & onions...$6.99

Chipotle Fajita Salad-choice of chicken or steak, Iceberg lettuce, sauteed onions and green peppers, salsa, cheese & sour cream...$6.99 chicken

$7.99 steak 

Salad Dressings-Italian, ranch,

French, red French, 1000 Island

poppyseed, raspberry

balsamic vinaigrette, lowfat ranch

low fat Italian



sour cream n butter..$2.49   
broccoli n cheese..$3.49
bacon n cheese...$3.49
add sour cream..$.50



Chicken quesadillas start with freshly seasoned chicken then topped with melted cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers and served with sour cream and salsa.....$5.99 

Cheese Quesadillas with sour cream and salsa $4.99


Cold Subs & Wraps                                       6" sub...*$3.99 12" tortilla wrap.....$4.99
Served with Italian dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion, and shredded cheese and your choice of

Italian-Ham, Hard Salami & Capicola Ham Club-Ham, turkey & Bacon Turkey, Ham    BLT-Bacon, Lettuce and tomato or

Veggie-Mushroom, green peppers, blackolives

with fries
Old world meatballs covered w/ marinara sauce & shredded pizza cheese 6”sub roll......$5.99      

Italian sausage with grilled green peppers, onions and a little marinara sauce on a 6”sub roll ..$6.99 

POLISH BOY-grilled polish sausage, topped with cole slaw, fries and bbq sauce on a 6" sub roll...$6.99

topped with cole slaw and bbq sauce and served with fries...$6.99


Fried chicken breast topped with marinara and melted cheese...$6.99

served with fries
breaded eggplant topped with marinara and cheese..$7.99


served with fries breaded veal topped with marinara...$8.99

Breaded Cod Sandwich

topped with cheese and tartar sauce

served with fries....$5.99


***Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry,
seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of
food borne illness, especially if you have certain


AMERICAN BOY served with  potato chips
The all beef 1/4 pound dog…$3.99

With sauerkraut..$4.49   

Chili dog...$4.99

GYRO served with fries
The finest grilled gyro meat layered on pita bread and topped with shredded lettuce, onions, diced tomatoes and tzatziki sauce*$6.99

CORNED BEEF with fries
Served with Swiss and mustard on rye...$6.99

REUBEN with fries  Sauerkraut, Swiss & 1000 island on rye...$7.99

NEW YORK REUBEN with fries Cole slaw, swiss & 1000 island on rye...$8.99

with fries
with sauteed green pepper, onion, mushroom and cheese on a sub roll 6"...$6.99 

GRILLED CHEESE on Texas toast , served with chips Your choice of cheddar or American cheese*$3.99
With double cheese*$4.99
W/ bacon, lettuce tomato*$4.99

FRIED CHICKEN BREAST SANDWICH with fries Served with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on a roll*$5.99

add bacon or cheese...$.50ea

1/2 lb served with fries
Hand Pattied Seasoned Ground Beef
with lettuce  and tomato...$7.99  with cheese...$8.49

All American-with bacon and cheese...$8.99

Classic-with sauteed mushrooms, onions and cheese...$8.99

5 Alarm-5 alarm sauce, jalapenos, pepper jack...$10.99

Cowboy-bacon, cheddar, onion rings and bbq sauce...$10.99

Italian-pepperoni, salami, ham & cheese.$9.99

La Royale-with fried egg, bacon and cheese.....$10.99

Greek-with sliced gyro, feta, onion, and tzatziki...$11.99
Pizza Burger-with pepperoni, cheese and marinara..$9.99



Pasta dinners are served with garlic toast

add a side salad to your


w/ marinara....$9.99
with 4 meatballs or 1 sausage....$11.49

FETTUCINI ALFREDO-Fettucini noodles covered with our homemade creamy alfredo sauce.....$11.99

add grilled chicken..$2.00    add crab & shrimp...$5.00

CHEESE RAVIOLI with marinara...$9.99
PIEROGIES sauteed with cheddar & potato..$9.99
CHICKEN PARMESAN  with pasta....$11.99



EGGPLANT PARMESAN-Breaded eggplant baked topped w/marinara, melted cheese over  pasta..$11.99 

CHICKEN TENDERS-chicken tenders served
with friesand choice of sauce....$5.99

POPCORN SHRIMP BASKET-Breaded shrimp with fries  small....$6.99        large...$8.99

Cans of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Lemonade, Sprite Zero, Iced Tea, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Root Beer....$1.00
Bottled Water.....$1.00
2 ltr bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Cherry Coke, Orange,    Root Beer, gingerale..$2.59

 Assorted Individually sliced cakes...$3.99

Limoncello Marscarpone-a delicious and refreshing citrus torte with a cool lemon creme filling....$3.99

Chocolate Overload-Alternating layers of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse covered with a chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate shavings......$3.99

New York Style Cheesecake.... $3.99 

the following are available with 24 hour notice

White or Chocolate cupcakes....$1.75

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Star Butter Cookies,

Mexican Wedding Cookies......$.75each

Modernistic cookies(1/2 choc1/2 van)....$1.00


Planning an office meeting, party or special event, ask for a catering menu

Dessert Trays-assortments may include a variety of miniature specialty treats as time permits such as, cheesecakes, tarts snowballs, coconut squares, specialtycupcakes,  brownies, cream puffs, eclairs, baklava, special requests when available.....small tray....$29.95  Large tray.....$44.95

Assorted cookie trays-may include Christmas Cookies in season, kolachy, Italian lemon/almond, totos, snowballs, crescents, cut out cookies, spumoni cookies, butter, spritz and many others

1# tray.....$9.99

2 1/2 # tray....$18.99

5# tray.......$34.95


(24-48 hours notice, but call, just in case we have extras)


Available with white , chocolate, yellow or marble cake with vanilla buttercream or chocolate fudge icing

7" double layer....$17.99

8" double layer....$22.99

9" double layer....$27.99

10"double layer...$34.99

1/4 sheet single layer..$24.99

1/2 sheet single layer..$39.99

Full sheet single layer.$59.99

Specialty Desserts

Cassata Cakes

Hazelnut Torte


Mocha Mousse Cheesecake

Mochachino brownie



Hungarian Delights-double raspberry filled sandwich cookie with sprinkles of almonds and topped with a dollop of fudge....$2.00

Chocolate Fudge Bars-chocolate cake topped with marshmallow cream and covered with chocolate fudge icing....$2.00

single layer Sundae cake.....$9.99

Coconut Bars-White or chocolate cake covered in a layer of chocolate and coated with fine coconut......$2.00

Coconut layer cake-Yellowcake with a lemon filling  or chocolate cake with a marshmallow cream filling frosted with a buttercream frosting and coated with flaked coconut...$14.99

Daffodil Cupcakes-this is a very light and refreshing swirled angel food and lemon chiffon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting

cupcakes...$2.00 cake..$14.99

Chocolate fudge iced angel food cupcakes..$2.00 cake.$14.99

German Chocolate Cupcakes...$2.00

triple layer cake...$16.99

Jersey Cream Cupcakes-yellow cake with white buttercream icing sprinkled with chopped walnuts...$2.00 cake..$14.99



     Once upon a time, there was a bakery that was an icon in the Greater Cleveland area and Suburbs.  For legal purposes, we can't mention the name of this bakery that was so dear to many of us, however it was started in 1903 and originally located on Hough Ave and later relocated to Lakeview Rd.   Many of us have fond memories of the fairytale ambiance that once was.   Every day was a special occasion when the famous white box with the blue logo and writing was placed on the table.  It really didn't matter which treat was mysteriously housed in the box, the anticipation of how wonderful it would taste was almost unbearable as the string was slid off of the box and one by one the wonderful pastries were placed on the trays.  It was almost like a fairytale with visions of modernistic cookies, glazed donuts, coconut bars, Hungarian delights, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, white cupcakes with white icing, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, chocolate surprise cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, Mexican wedding cookies, daffodil cakes, angel food cakes with chocolate fudge icing, custard cups, frapples, cheese crowns, butter loaf, pecan pies, dixie pecan rolls, Wellesley fudge covered cakes, or the ultimate delectable treat,  the famous birthday cake decorated to perfection with that special cake and the most magical icing that ever touched your lips....mmmmm!

     Today, our version of many of these wonderful treats have been added to our menu.  We do try to keep at least a few of these items in our bakery case on a daily basis, however, if you would like to make sure that your favorites will be available, you are more than welcome to call (440)946-9000 at least 48 hours in advance to place you order to make sure that we will have your special treat available.  Shipping is available if you are out  of town.  As we perfect our version of the treats, canapes and hors d'oeuvres more items will be added to our menu, and soon online ordering will be made available.  We look forward to serving you.   If you have any special requests, please ask and we will do whatever we can to accomodate your needs.

     We  also have other bakery items such as baklava, kolachy, kourembiethes, finikia, galatobouriko, strudel, flancata, potica, turnovers, and a variety of cookies, cupcakes, cakes and brownies. 

PIES and Tarts-Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, Peach, Chocolate Swiss Cream-Strawberry Swiss Cream-Custard, Coconut Custard-Coconut Cream-Banana Cream-Lemon Meringue-Lemon Swiss Cream-Pecan




 STRUDEL-Flaky phyllo filled with Apple, Cherry or Cottage Cheese

Baklava-Alternating layers of phyllo and nut mixture marinated in a special honey lemon sauce...$2.00

TURNOVERS-Flaky puff pastry dough filled with apple or cherry filling....$2.00

POTICA-Nut or poppyseed filled roll

MUFFINS-Blueberry, Zucchini nut, Banana Nut, Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Lemon